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We are a fully insured and bonded ‘in your home’ pet sitting and dog walking service,  serving the Lower Bucks County, PA area.

It can be a difficult decision to  decide who will care for your pets while you are out of town or at work. Some pet owners  have friends and neighbors take care of their pet while they’re gone. That can become problematic when they are unavailable or prove to be unreliable. A great alternative is to hire a professional pet sitter! Let us take of your pet so you don’t have to worry about imposing on friends.

While kenneling your pet can be an option, they generally don’t accept animals with special needs and your pet can also become stressed while away from home, leaving them vulnerable to illness. This is a special concern for senior pets. Using a professional pet sitting service will allow your pet to stay in the comfort of their home.

We are often more reasonable than boarding your pet! Please see our rates here.

With The Pet Nanny, your pets can stay in their warm bed, eat the foods they are used to, avoid exposure to unfamiliar animals and receive daily loving, individual attention. We have a professional, experienced team ready to care for your pet. Whether you want to spend the weekend at the Jersey shore or need to be away for a few days on business, we are here to care for your pet family.

Even if you are not out of town, there are other times when we can help. Long work hours, holidays, or special occasions such as weddings may make it difficult to find time to walk and feed the pets, clean the litter box, etc.


The Pet Nanny has been providing peace of mind for pet parents since 2010.

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