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Fun Places To Walk Your Dog In Lower Bucks

dogtrail2As dog walkers in the Yardley area we have lots of opportunities to walk dogs along the Yardley Canal. The towpath is dog friendly and sometimes there is even a dog or two taking a quick dip! There are all kinds of wildlife here from frogs and turtles to birds and even the occasional beaver sighting!

Another great place to walk your pup is Falls Township Community Park. There are two different trails, one is shorter and surrounded by trees and another longer trail that circles the lake. There is also a dog park inside the park now.

Playwicki Park in Langhorne  has a trail along the creek where there are lots of deer, frogs and turtles. The path from beginning to end takes about two hours to walk.

One of the largest parks is Tyler State Park in Newtown. It has many different trails suitable for toy breeds looking for a fun walk and longer, more challenging trails for the larger breeds. The park is clean and beautiful, bring a picnic lunch!

Where are some of your favorite places to walk your dog?dogtrail


5 Reasons Why A Bird Sitter Is Better Than Boarding

lovebirdsIf you are a bird owner and are looking to board your little friend, a great alternative is an in home pet sitter. Here are five reasons why this might be a better choice:


  1. Your bird will have no exposure to other birds who might be sick or have parasites.
  2. You won’t have to transport your bird which can be an ordeal for both bird and owner
  3. A bird sitter will also check in on your house every day. This is an added security advantage.
  4. Your bird will be able to maintain his regular schedule. Your sitter can visit twice a day, morning for breakfast and play time, night time for dinner and  and cover.
  5. You can be sure your bird will receive individual, loving attention every day while you are away!

Need a bird sitter? Give us a call at 267-981-4929africangrey

5 Tips For Keeping Your Dog Safe On The Fourth Of July

independence-day-159462_1280Here are some tips to help keep your dog happy and safe over the holiday: 

  1. Keep you dogs indoors as much as possible. Don’t leave your dog unattended, even in a fenced in yard. Loud noises can make dogs do things they would not normally do, such as jump a fence or crawl under it.
  2. If you will be out for the evening, close all the windows, close the blinds and put the AC on. This will help with the noise. Put a TV or radio on a little louder than usual.
  3. Consider a Thundershirt. They have a calming effect on most dogs and are available now at PetSmart.
  4. If your dog is afraid of thunderstorms, he will likely be afraid of fireworks too. If she pants excessively or her heart races during a storm, talk with your vet. Sometimes they will prescribe mild tranquilizers to help with their anxiety
  5. If you are having a barbecue, keep an eye on your pup around the grill. Also, be mindful of guests who may leave a plate with bones on it where your dog can reach. Do not leave alcoholic beverages unattended.

Have a happy and safe Fourth Of July!