Services and Fees

Included with all Services:

We offer walks, yard let outs, playtime and exercise, feeding, litter box scooping, yard clean up, cuddling, pampering and lots of love! Services as needed such as administration of medication, injections and  subcutaneous fluids. We will also bring in your mail, newpapers and water your plants.

Meet & Greet:

When you contact The Pet Nanny we will set up a meet and greet and also send you a link to our online client portal. Please fill out all pertinent information on your pet and all contact information including veterinarian. If you have an alarm system we will go over the codes and setting the alarm during our appointment. In most cases we will be able to give you a quote over the phone or by email prior to meeting you and your pets.

We will also go over the recommended number of visits that best meets your pet’s needs.

 Please have two sets of keys ready. One will be for your sitter and one will be be kept locked in our office as a backup in case of emergency. Initial meet and greets are always complimentary. Should you need additional consults they are $10 per appointment.

Our Rates:

 Cat Sitting  $18 per visit

 Dog Sitting  $20 per visit

Overnight Visit (Pawjama Party) starting at $65 per night  Your pet sitter stays overnight in your home. Great choice for senior pets who might need a potty break in the middle of the night or for anyone who would prefer not to leave their pet alone overnight. (morning and night visit included)

Small Animal/Pond Visit $14 This is ideal for hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits and fish tanks. This visit runs about 10-15 minutes and does not include cage cleaning, just food replenishment and water.

Parrot Sitting $25-30 per visit. Visits include outside of cage time, basic cleaning, preparing of meals and companionship. Visits run from 40-60 minutes.

Holidays: please add additional $5 per visit

Dog Walking

Mid Day Potty Break/ Dog Walking  


$16-$18, call or text for a quote

Pet Taxi

We can provide roundtrip visits to the vet, groomer or doggy day care. Taxi service is $30 per hour.





Jana, one of our sitters