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A Local Shop That’s Just For The Birds

FullSizeRender 24Hidden in the charming borough of Tullytown there’s a little store called the Green Parrot Bird Shop.  Esther, the owner, started the business in 2009. Esther has over 25 years experience with birds, she previously worked at Shultz’s Bird Farm in Langhorne. When asked what sets Green Parrot apart from the bigger chain stores she told me “it’s not the money I care about. It’s the health and welfare of birds.” The shop carries an extensive line of reasonably priced premium parrot food including some soak and feed blends.  There’s also an impressive line of bird toys, sized for cockatiels on up to macaws.

IMG_3438The Green Parrot also provides basic grooming services for parrots as well.

Green Parrot Bird Shop is open seven days a week. Located at 700 Manor Ave. Tullytown. They can be reached at 215-547-2808.IMG_3440


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Going On Vacation When You Have A Senior Dog


“Help! We are going away next week and we need someone to watch our dog!”


It happens every year. We get calls from a dog owner frantically searching for someone to care for their senior dog while they are on vacation. Many of these dogs have went to a kennel for years, only this time  they are turned away. Kennels won’t take a dog that is too old or has too many health issues. They care for many dogs at a time and special needs pups and seniors are not something they are equipped for.

A great alternative is a professional pet sitter. You senior can stay in the home he’s comfortable in, sun on his deck and sleep in his own bed. We will visit  three – fours times a day depending on their needs. We can administer medications as needed. Most importantly, we can look out for any signs of health issues. We will call you immediately and even transport your dog to the veterinarian if necessary.

If your dog is having accidents, we are are able to handle that too. If your dog is blind or deaf, needs insulin or just needs a little boost to stand up, we are more than happy to help.

Enjoy your vacation knowing your dog is getting lots of TLC at home!

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Your Pet Sitter Is Also Your House Sitter


We all know professional pet sitters take  excellent care of your pets. But there is something else we do too- take care of your home. Every time we visit your pet, your house is getting checked on too. Why is that so important?

Here are a few situations I’ve recently encountered:

  • Walked into a client’s home to walk their dog, found the fridge leaking water like crazy. I was able to clean up the water, put towels on the floor and text client to alert them. Client was able to come home and take care of the problem, avoiding extensive damage to his kitchen floor.
  • Entered a home to find all the power out. Called client to alert them. Client knew to throw  away food in the fridge upon return.
  • Arrived at a home to find the front door open (twice in the past year, two different homes). In both situations owners did not secure door when they left. This saved them from a possible burglary while they were gone.

When you hire a pet sitter, you are getting a house sitter too. We are bringing in your mail and papers. We will alternate your lights and open and close your blinds. We will alert you if we find your furnace isn’t working. It’s just another way our pet sitting service provides peace of mind!

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Help! I Found a Baby Bird!


When I worked in wildlife rehabilition we handled more calls about baby birds than any other species. Here is some information that will help should you see a young bird on the ground.

  • If a baby bird is feathered and can walk, hop and flap it’s wings – LEAVE IT ALONE. Even if you don’t see mom, she sees YOU and she is keeping an eye on her fledgling. Most baby birds spend 2-5 days on the ground before taking flight. “But what if a cat gets him?”  While it’s understanding how worried you are, this is a system that works. Both parents of this fledgling started out on the ground
  • If the baby is naked or fuzzy, look for the nest nearby. If you can’t find it or it’s destroyed, get a strawberry basket and line it with bunched up paper towels and secure it to a branch where you think the nest was located. Go somewhere where momma can’t see you and wait. Sometimes a few hours will go by but mom will come back and continue to feed the baby. If several hours go by and you are absolutely certain mom has not returned, call your local wildlife rehabilitation center for advice.
  • You can definitely pick up a baby and return it to the nest. Birds have a poor sense of smell and the stories about mom not returning to the nest once humans touched it is an old wives’ tale.
  • If you are trying to contact the wildlife rehabber and the baby seems cold and lethargic, you can warm him up a couple of different ways. If you have a heating pad, you can put the makeshift nest on top of it. Don’t let the baby come in direct contact with the pad. Alternatively you can fill a spring water bottle with hot water, stick it in a sock and put that next to the nest you made.
  • Do not feed the baby! When I was at the wildlife center we received nestlings that were fed all kinds of crazy things including milk. Birds are not mammals and they eat a very different diet than we do. The rehabber will have a special formula ready when you arrive.
  • If you need more information, an excellent source is The Audubon Society . Also, you can find your local wildlife rehabber here:

Five Reasons Why Your Dog Walker Hates Retractable Leashes


 Veterinarians, dog trainers and dog walkers  have all seen the negative side of the retractable leash. It might seem like a great idea at first but here are some reasons why we don’t like them:

  1. Dogs should walk beside you, not 20 plus feet ahead. It is way too easy for a dog to dash into the street or walk onto a neighbor’s property and encounter an unfriendly dog.
  2. The handles on the leashes are not ideal for control. If your pup suddenly goes after a squirrel it’s likely the handle will pull right out of your hand.
  3. They malfunction. The button to retract can get stuck, resulting in complete loss of control. If you try to pull on the cord it can result in serious injury to your hand.
  4. Should the leash pull out of your hand, it will drag along the ground making quite a bit of noise. This can scare a dog into thinking he is being chased and he might continue to run.
  5. Dogs that suddenly run out of leash have injured their necks and tracheas, resulting in an emergency visit to the vet. 

If you own a well trained dog who NEVER chases bikes, bunnies, squirrels or cars, the retractable leash might be the right choice for you, but it’s always a good idea to have backup leash for your walker just in case!



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