I spend a lot of time keeping up with the pet sitting industry. The term “ideal client” comes up quite a bit. I was thinking about who my ideal client is and I realized it is actually someone just like me. Here are 10 reasons why:

  1. My pets are my children. Seriously. I know people say that a lot but just ask my grown kids and they will tell you that growing up in my house, the pets were given as much consideration as any family member.
  2. I worry about my pets. Like all the time. I need a pet sitter who understands I feel guilty about leaving my pets.
  3. I need to check up on my pets. If I am away, I need pictures and updates.
  4. Some of my pets are special needs. I need a sitter who can give medication to them as needed.
  5. Some of my pets are seniors. I need someone who has experience handling the older guys and the patience to care for them.
  6. I talk to my pets. Every day. I want a sitter who isn’t afraid to belt out a song or two while spending time with my babies.
  7. My pets aren’t perfect. Most of my guys are rescues. They come with baggage. Sometimes they don’t want to get off the sofa to go potty. I need a sitter who can motivate with love and kindness.
  8. I need someone who understands birds. My parrot is high maintenance and a little neurotic at times. I need a sitter who understands that the silver bowl really does need to be on the left. It matters to him.
  9. Little things mean a lot. My cats enjoy looking out the window. I need a sitter who will remember to open and close the curtains each day.
  10. My cats eat at their own stations. I need a sitter who will understand the importance of my cat’s personal space at meal time.

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