When I worked as a vet tech at the Cat Care Center in Morrisville, the question “what should I feed my cat?” came up often. The answer was always wet food. 


 Here are some reasons why dry cat food might not be the best choice:IMG_2640

  1. It increases risk for diabetes. Dry food is high in carbs and many diabetic cats who switch to canned food eventually go back to normal sugar levels.
  2. It can make our cats fat. Many veternarians recommend an all canned food diet to control obesity
  3. Dry food can cause chronic dehydration. Cats get a lot of water content  from a wet food diet. If a cat doesn’t drink enough water, dry food can put a real strain on the kidneys.
  4. It’s just not natural. In the wild cats would eat a high protein, low carb diet. Grain is often the second ingredient in dry food.
  5. It’s probably not the best choice for kittens. Some vets recommend not giving any dry food until a kitten is at least three months old.

Check with your veterinarian to see if making the switch to wet food might be right for your cat! 



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