What Our Pet Sitters Are Doing To Prevent The Spread Of COVID-19

As a professional pet sitting and dog walking service, we are doing our part to keep all of our pet sitters and clients safe during this covid-19  pandemic. Since information is constantly evolving from the CDC and local health department, we are changing protocols when needed as well.

The following changes are currently in effect and will continue until further notice:

All sitters will wear masks inside the client’s homes for the duration of the visit. This will not include overnight visits as it is impractical to wear a mask that length of time. We also request if you are at home that we try to be as contactless as possible, such as either letting your dog out in the yard or handing off the leash to your walker when we arrive. Our sitters may also choose to bring their own leashes.

Please leave antibacterial and disinfecting wipes that you prefer we use in a visible area. If we can’t locate any, we will have our own supplies. 

For all new clients, cat meet and greets will be conducted virtually whenever possible via Zoom or Face Time. We can get a virtual walk-thru of the home as well as “meet” you and your pets via our phones. Key pick up and drop-offs will be contactless whenever possible as well. 

For dog meet and greets, in most cases, we will meet you outdoors in your yard or patio.

We are now offering brief visits as an option to limit time in your home. These are completely optional and we are happy to stay for a full visit, but if you prefer we can do a brief 10-15 visit for dog yard let outs and cat visits. These will be priced at $16 per visit.

As always, things may change again as we all learn more about how the virus is spread. 

Thank you for trusting us with the care of your pets and we hope to see you soon! 


If you are looking for a pet sitter or dog walker in Yardley, Levittown, or Langhorne areas, please call The Pet Nanny at 267-981-4929 or visit our website at www.buckspetnanny.com

Keeping You Pets Safe During The Holiday Season

The Pet Nanny & Dog Walker Offers Holiday Tips for Pet Owners

With smart planning, the holidays can be a joyous time for people and their pets

Tess Ross, owner of The Pet Nanny & Dog Walker, a local professional pet-sitting service, warns (his/her) clients cat with Christmas decorationsand local pet owners that simple holiday traditions, such as trimming the tree and decorating the house, can pose potential problems to pets if not monitored carefully.

“Much like toddlers, pets are attracted to bright lights, shining ornaments and dangling tinsel,” explains Ross. “Pet owners should be aware that many holiday decorations can be hazardous to their pets.”

Many holiday plants are also poisonous to pets, including the berries of the mistletoe, holly, hibiscus and Christmas roses.

“Pet owners may not realize that pine tree water from the Christmas tree can be poisonous to pets,” adds Ross.

Food is another culprit for some of the most common holiday pet emergencies. 

To ensure a happy and safe holiday season for you and your pets, The Pet Nanny recommends that pet owners be cautious of the following:

  • Dark and baker’s chocolate. While milk chocolate is not poisonous, it will cause a pet to have an upset stomach. On the other hand, dark chocolate and baker’s chocolate contain high levels of theobromine and caffeine. Animals are extremely sensitive to both, and ingesting either type of chocolate could be fatal.
  • Chocolate gold coins. These treats—sometimes used in Hanukkah and Christmas traditions—should be kept in a location that cannot be accessed by pets. Not only do the chocolate coins contain theobromine and caffeine, but the shiny foil wrappers can also cause intestinal issues if digested.
  • Xylitol. This sugar substitute causes a dog’s blood sugar to drop quickly. This poisoning can be treated, but causes liver failure if not treated properly.
  • Macadamia nuts. Dogs experience severe weakness in their back legs, appearing paralyzed, after ingesting macadamia nuts. Dogs usually recover from this condition within three days.
  • Bread dough. When bread dough is ingested it continues to rise, causing an intestinal blockage.
  • Latkes and sufganiyot. For pets, ingestion of these Hanukkah treats could result in a variety of gastrointestinal issues, including vomiting and diarrhea. Also, some ingredients can have even more dangerous consequences. The onions in latkes, for example, can cause Heinz body anemia in both cats and dogs.

If your pet ingests any potentially harmful product, call your vet or a local emergency animal hospital immediately.puppy with Christmas present

The Pet Nanny offers pet owners these helpful hints to keep pets out of danger, while still enjoying the food, fun and festivities that accompany the holidays. To learn more about The Pet Nanny & Dog Walker, visit www.buckspetnanny.com

Best Apartment Complexes To Walk Dogs In Yardley, PA

Best Apartment Complexes To Walk Dogs In Yardley, PA

As dog walkers we visit quite a few apartment complexes in the Yardley, PA area. Our favorite complexes have paths to walk your dog, trails close by and dog parks right on the premises. Poop bag stations are also a must!

Here are three of our favorites for dog walking:

Polo Run

Polo Run apartments have paths throughout the community and many poop bag stations throughout. There are Canadian Geese everywhere, which entertain the pups we walk and it’s also fun to watch the babies grow every spring. There is a dog park on the premises. Polo Run is located in Lower Makefield Township in Yardley. 

Yardley Crossing

Yardley Crossing has sidewalk paths throughout the community, but what ‘s really special is the Yardley Canal towpath right behind it. There you can walk your dog for miles if you like and see all the wildlife residents. It’s not unusual to see a beaver swimming along down the canal. Yardley Crossing has those important poop bag stations as well. Yardley Crossing is located in Yardley Borough.

Harpers Crossing

Harpers Crossing is located in Langhorne, PA, right on the border of  Yardley. This apartment community is quite large and has sidewalks throughout making it very friendly for dog walking. Additionally, they have a dog park for your dog to make new friends and get some exercise at the same time. Poop bag stations are everywhere, making it super convenient. 

So there you have it, just three of our favorites for dog walking. If you know of a complex that is great for dog walking we’d love to hear about it! Also, as always we are available for your dog walking needs throughout the Lower Bucks County area. Give us a call at 267-981-4929 to learn more about our mid day daily dog walking services. 

Caution: Small Dogs and Cats Can Be Victims Of Birds Of Prey

Caution: Small Dogs and Cats Can Be Victims Of Birds Of Prey

The very recent news of a neighborhood Chihuahua being picked up and killed by a hawk inspired me to write a quick blog on the dangers of leaving small pets unattended. Here in Levittown, a Great Horned Owl visits often and hangs out in the tree outside my window. Additionally we have several species of hawks flying around during the day. Just last summer a Harrier Hawk flew past my car with a small bird in its talons. As a former wildlife rehabber I am overjoyed to see raptors making such a strong comeback in Bucks County. We even have regular sightings of Bald Eagles in Falls and surrounding towns. Besides raptors, coyotes are in the Yardley area as well, in fact one of our clients has reported seeing one in her yard on several occasions. As much as I enjoy spotting wildlife, I know we must make some common sense precautions.

 Do not leave toy breeds unattended in yards or use doggy doors where they can go out when you are not monitoring them at all times. There has been a significant increase in news stories about raptors picking up small dogs but this most recent case was right here in Fairless Hills.  Keep a watchful eye on your little pets including cats. Do not allow cats to roam out alone, if you want them to have access to the outdoors you can safely take them out on a leash. 

As always, The Pet Nanny is available if your dog needs a supervised potty break during the day. Give us a call at 267-981-4929 or visit our website at buckspetnanny.com.