As a professional pet sitting and dog walking service, we are doing our part to keep all of our pet sitters and clients safe during this covid-19  pandemic. Since information is constantly evolving from the CDC and local health department, we are changing protocols when needed as well.

The following changes are currently in effect and will continue until further notice:

All sitters will wear masks inside the client’s homes for the duration of the visit. This will not include overnight visits as it is impractical to wear a mask that length of time. We also request if you are at home that we try to be as contactless as possible, such as either letting your dog out in the yard or handing off the leash to your walker when we arrive. Our sitters may also choose to bring their own leashes.

Please leave antibacterial and disinfecting wipes that you prefer we use in a visible area. If we can’t locate any, we will have our own supplies. 

For all new clients, cat meet and greets will be conducted virtually whenever possible via Zoom or Face Time. We can get a virtual walk-thru of the home as well as “meet” you and your pets via our phones. Key pick up and drop-offs will be contactless whenever possible as well. 

For dog meet and greets, in most cases, we will meet you outdoors in your yard or patio.

We are now offering brief visits as an option to limit time in your home. These are completely optional and we are happy to stay for a full visit, but if you prefer we can do a brief 10-15 visit for dog yard let outs and cat visits. These will be priced at $16 per visit.

As always, things may change again as we all learn more about how the virus is spread. 

Thank you for trusting us with the care of your pets and we hope to see you soon! 


If you are looking for a pet sitter or dog walker in Yardley, Levittown, or Langhorne areas, please call The Pet Nanny at 267-981-4929 or visit our website at