I want to take a moment to thank our Pet Nanny family  for another successful year.

I often see businesses post the number of clients they gained in a year or how much their revenue increased. I measure our success a little differently.


Pot Roast, tabby cat

For me, success feels more like…a shy cat that comes out to visit us for the first time after caring for them all week…a senior dog who has been off her food agreeing to eat after a little massage and words of encouragement… a frightened rescue pup allowing us to leash them for the first time…talking an anxious African Grey parrot out from under the china cabinet…every time we earn the love and trust of your pet we are truly successful.

We were fortunate enough to win Best Of Bucks and appeared twice in the local paper this year and I am proud of those accomplishments because they got the word out about our services.

But what matters the most is giving our clients peace of mind when they leave pets in our care. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to look after for your special family members.

Linda, Jana, Korki  and I look forward to seeing our furry, feathered and scaled friends in 2016!


Lucy, a Rottweiler

Happy New Year!