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Hidden in the charming borough of Tullytown there’s a little store called the Green Parrot Bird Shop.  Esther, the owner, started the business in 2009. Esther has over 25 years experience with birds, she previously worked at Shultz’s Bird Farm in Langhorne. When asked what sets Green Parrot apart from the bigger chain stores she told me “it’s not the money I care about. It’s the health and welfare of birds.” The shop carries an extensive line of reasonably priced premium parrot food including some soak and feed blends.  There’s also an impressive line of bird toys, sized for cockatiels on up to macaws.


The Green Parrot also provides basic grooming services for parrots as well.

Green Parrot Bird Shop is open seven days a week. Located at 700 Manor Ave. Tullytown. They can be reached at 215-547-2808.


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