As dog walkers we visit quite a few apartment complexes in the Yardley, PA area. Our favorite complexes have paths to walk your dog, trails close by and dog parks right on the premises. Poop bag stations are also a must!

Here are three of our favorites for dog walking:

Polo Run

Polo Run apartments have paths throughout the community and many poop bag stations throughout. There are Canadian Geese everywhere, which entertain the pups we walk and it’s also fun to watch the babies grow every spring. There is a dog park on the premises. Polo Run is located in Lower Makefield Township in Yardley. 

Yardley Crossing

Yardley Crossing has sidewalk paths throughout the community, but what ‘s really special is the Yardley Canal towpath right behind it. There you can walk your dog for miles if you like and see all the wildlife residents. It’s not unusual to see a beaver swimming along down the canal. Yardley Crossing has those important poop bag stations as well. Yardley Crossing is located in Yardley Borough.

Harpers Crossing

Harpers Crossing is located in Langhorne, PA, right on the border of  Yardley. This apartment community is quite large and has sidewalks throughout making it very friendly for dog walking. Additionally, they have a dog park for your dog to make new friends and get some exercise at the same time. Poop bag stations are everywhere, making it super convenient. 

So there you have it, just three of our favorites for dog walking. If you know of a complex that is great for dog walking we’d love to hear about it! Also, as always we are available for your dog walking needs throughout the Lower Bucks County area. Give us a call at 267-981-4929 to learn more about our mid day daily dog walking services.