The very recent news of a neighborhood Chihuahua being picked up and killed by a hawk inspired me to write a quick blog on the dangers of leaving small pets unattended. Here in Levittown, a Great Horned Owl visits often and hangs out in the tree outside my window. Additionally we have several species of hawks flying around during the day. Just last summer a Harrier Hawk flew past my car with a small bird in its talons. As a former wildlife rehabber I am overjoyed to see raptors making such a strong comeback in Bucks County. We even have regular sightings of Bald Eagles in Falls and surrounding towns. Besides raptors, coyotes are in the Yardley area as well, in fact one of our clients has reported seeing one in her yard on several occasions. As much as I enjoy spotting wildlife, I know we must make some common sense precautions.

 Do not leave toy breeds unattended in yards or use doggy doors where they can go out when you are not monitoring them at all times. There has been a significant increase in news stories about raptors picking up small dogs but this most recent case was right here in Fairless Hills.  Keep a watchful eye on your little pets including cats. Do not allow cats to roam out alone, if you want them to have access to the outdoors you can safely take them out on a leash. 

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