There are many joys of dog ownership, both for the owner and the dog. Dogs have been linked to health benefits like lowering blood pressure and alleviating depression. They are great companions for adults and children alike.

There are also tremendous responsibilities that go along with owning a dog, such as keeping him well groomed, getting regular vet care, feeding healthy food and making sure he gets exercise.

Something that not everyone thinks about is: what happens if you work long hours or want to go on a day trip? This is when a dog walker can help.

Here are five more reasons why a dog walker might be right for you:

  1. You have a young dog. Puppies can not “hold it” the way some adult dogs can. Giving him a mid day potty break can prevent accidents while you are gone.
  2. You have a senior dog. Just like puppies, older dogs may not be able to wait eight plus hours to go potty. Also, it can be the highlight of their day when their dog walker arrives.
  3. Your dog has separation anxiety. If your dog is lonely or even bored, he may get into trouble. Giving him a mid day break might save your shoes and even your furniture from being chewed!
  4. Your dog has a chronic illness. A mid day potty break can also include giving meds, feeding or just making sure your doing is doing okay while you are gone.
  5. You feel guilty leaving your dog all day. Knowing that he will get some TLC during the day can go a long way to help alleviate the guilt you feel. As you head out the door you will know someone is coming to spend some one on one time with your best friend.

Do you think your dog might benefit from a mid day potty break?

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