“Help! We are going away next week and we need someone to watch our dog!”


It happens every year. We get calls from a dog owner frantically searching for someone to care for their senior dog while they are on vacation. Many of these dogs have went to a kennel for years, only this time  they are turned away. Kennels won’t take a dog that is too old or has too many health issues. They care for many dogs at a time and special needs pups and seniors are not something they are equipped for.

A great alternative is a professional pet sitter. You senior can stay in the home he’s comfortable in, sun on his deck and sleep in his own bed. We will visit  three – fours times a day depending on their needs. We can administer medications as needed. Most importantly, we can look out for any signs of health issues. We will call you immediately and even transport your dog to the veterinarian if necessary.

If your dog is having accidents, we are are able to handle that too. If your dog is blind or deaf, needs insulin or just needs a little boost to stand up, we are more than happy to help.

Enjoy your vacation knowing your dog is getting lots of TLC at home!

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