It’s that time of year again! Baby bunny nests are popping up in everyone’s backyard. Here in Levittown, we all have rabbits in our yards.

So what do you do if your dog finds a nest of bunnies? If they are not injured, cover them back up with the fur and and other materials mom used to cover the nest. Bunnies leave the nest at three weeks old. If they already have fur, you probably only need to worry about this for a few more days. You can cover the nest or fence it off, just make sure you uncover it again so mom can come back later. She feeds them twice a day around dawn and dusk. The rest of the day she stays away so no one will know where the nest is. If you need to put them back in, you can touch them, mom will still come back.

If you find a baby bunny hopping around your yard, he has left the nest already. If you are concerned your dog might catch him, you can relocate the bunny to a safer area. Just make sure to release him under a bush or shrub so he has a place to hide.

Should you find an injured bunny call your local wildlife rehabber and they can decide if the bunny needs medical assistance.

As tempting as it might be, do not try to keep one as a pet! These are wild rabbits and they cannot be domesticated. If you are looking to adopt a domestic rabbit, visit your local SPCA where they always have bunnies in need of homes.

Do you have a pet rabbit that needs care while you are on vacation? Give us a call! 267-981-4929