As pet sitters we are often asked what dog food we recommend. After lots of trial and error with different brands, I can confidently recommend Freshpet.  My dogs love it and so do I. Why? First off, it smells really good! It smells like chicken – no joke. No more stinky dog food!

It also gets the highest ratings from DogFoodAdviser. This makes me feel  confident when feeding it to my pups. My dogs have sensitive tummies and they all tolerate this food just fine.

From the FreshPet website: “Our meats are never pre-cooked, and our ingredients are completely natural. We never use fillers, meals or by-products in our dog and cat food. ”

The food is refrigerated so you can be sure your dog is getting a fresh meal. I buy mine at Target but I have also seen the refrigerator cases at Walmart, PetSmart and McCaffrey’s supermarket.

Have you tried FreshPet? I’d love to hear your thoughts!



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