When a new cat client calls, sometimes they request every other day visits for their cats. I have even received requests for visits once every three days.  We understand that some cats only eat dry food and aren’t very social, but we do more than play with your cat, change the litter and feed them. We make sure your kitty is safe and healthy.

I entered a home recently where a cat had managed to lock herself in the bathroom. If this had been an every other day visit, the cat would have been very hungry and would have made quite a mess. Cats are infamous for locking themselves in rooms.

Another concern is illness. Male cats can develop urinary blockages and become gravely ill very quickly. There are several other illnesses that can happen over the course of a day and need quick veterinary attention.

I have arrived at homes where cats have knocked over lamps, broke glasses and knick knacks.  Once a  kitty knocked over an electric candle that was hot enough to burn a hole in the rug. I have even heard stories where cats managed to turn on a stove.

The bottom line is cats can get into trouble when left alone for long periods of time!

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