We all know professional pet sitters take  excellent care of your pets. But there is something else we do too- take care of your home. Every time we visit your pet, your house is getting checked on too. Why is that so important?

Here are a few situations I’ve recently encountered:

  • Walked into a client’s home to walk their dog, found the fridge leaking water like crazy. I was able to clean up the water, put towels on the floor and text client to alert them. Client was able to come home and take care of the problem, avoiding extensive damage to his kitchen floor.
  • Entered a home to find all the power out. Called client to alert them. Client knew to throw  away food in the fridge upon return.
  • Arrived at a home to find the front door open (twice in the past year, two different homes). In both situations owners did not secure door when they left. This saved them from a possible burglary while they were gone.

When you hire a pet sitter, you are getting a house sitter too. We are bringing in your mail and papers. We will alternate your lights and open and close your blinds. We will alert you if we find your furnace isn’t working. It’s just another way our pet sitting service provides peace of mind!

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